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We create core connections

We recruit mainly from specialist level to C-Level. We are up for the “Straigth forward” recruitments but also happy to take challenging task of positions with very specific/rare skill requirements.

  • Recruiting

    Our experience tells us that if we conduct the spec phase thoroughly and together spend extra time the process going forward is more efficient and smoother and most importantly it ends with faster recruitments of better candidates. We strive to be professional when contacting potential candidates and our ambition is to give a positive experience whether it ends in employment or not.

  • Consulting

    We offer consulting services based upon the request and need of our customers. Examples could include:- Team member profiling and dynamics
    - Assessments - behavioural, personal, cognitive
    - Leadership guidance
    - Organisational planning
    - Onboarding strategies
    - Outplacement

  • Career Advisory

    We can act as discussion partner if you are stuck in your career and desire to move forward or if you want to take your career to the next level. If you are booking lots of interviews but not receiving offers, we can also advise you on where and how to improve.